My practice is based on deconstructivist philosophies such as the fragmentation and manipulation of structure and surface, and the interconnection of complex and improbable forms. 
Currently, I examine the notion of spatial tension.




M.Arch. Architecture and Environmental Design


2014       Site-specific project Super Nature, New York      

2017       Site-specific project American Dream, Nevada

2018       11:11, Solo show, New York

2019       ASL, Group show, Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, New York

2019       6th Annual DRAWN, group show, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

2019       The Institute for Public Architecture Art Auction, New York

2019       Reused & Recycled, group show, Site: Brooklyn Gallery, New York

2019       The Shape of Time, solo show, Eleven Twenty Projects Gallery, Buffalo, NY

2020      Color Spectrum, group show, The Royal Gallery, New York

2020      Material Control, solo show, Asphodel Gallery, New York

2020      Over The Structures, group show, CICA Museum, South Korea

2021      SVA Summer Residency Program, SVA, New York

2021      Contemporary Practices, group show, SVA Gallery, New York

2021      Nocturnal Formation, solo show, New Collectors Gallery, New York


2014  Site-specific installation Super Nature, Far Rockaway, New York

2017  Site-specific installation American Dream, Iron Mountain, California

2019  Site- specific installation Floating Field, 215 E 99th street, New York

2019  Wall mural Meditation on Time and Monuments, Lower East Side, New York